Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Rock Crystal


Rock Crystal is variety of quartz as one of the most familiar mineral on earth surface. Adored for its beauty and clarity, rock crystal is one of many beautiful gemstones prized by human. It has a very long history, as one of magic gems that has a power to protect and heal. Crystal healers today believe that each gemstone has the power to influence the health and well-being of specific part of the body. The light reflected off stones placed on vital nerve points is thought to be absorbed by body, supplying it with healing energy.  

 Rock crystal is often worn close to the body, believed to heal or to protect. The name Quartz comes from the Greek word Krustallos, meaning ice. The old Greek consider Quartz as an ice that was formed by Gods. Since the middle age the, crystal ball have been used to predict the futures. Up to recent time, some alternative medical methods still use the crystal stick for health treatment.

Crystal Structure

Silicon Dioxide


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