Saturday, 18 February 2012

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye
Beautiful inclusion that gives reflection of light producing chatoyancy effect appears from this special chrysoberyl family. Called as a Cat's Eye Beryl, the brown honey color Cat's Eye becomes the most expensive gems among its family. This precious gems has colors, ranged from yellow, green, to red Brown. Chrysoberyl is mainly found in Srilanka, Burma, Tanzania, and Rusia.
Chatoyancy on Cat's Eye Beryl
 Crystal Structure

beryllium aluminium oxide

The name "Chrysoberyl" is derived from Greek word, Chrysos and Beryllos. Those two words have a meaning "golden" and "beryllium". The Asian people believe that Cat's Eye can give them protection from the "evil eye". 

Friday, 10 February 2012


Natural Yellow Sacpolite
The word "Scapolite" is originally derived from Greek 'scapos' and 'lithos' means rod stone. This kind of gems are sometimes found in metamorphic rocks. Scapolite becomes one of the rarest gems in the market.   
Gems Identifications from GRI Labs (Indonesian Gemstone Report)

Crystal Structure

marialite, meionite

Good Quality Sacpolite Crystal

Monday, 22 August 2011


Emerald Beryl
Emerald is the most wanted gemstone in Indonesia, maybe also in the world. Although it has a soft hardness scale about 6 - 7,5 mohs' scale, the green color Emerald Beryl attracts the eyes of gems collectors. The Indonesian called this precious stone 'Zamrud'. 
Colombian Emerald
 Many people said that the best emerald in the world is come from Colombia. Famous by its name "The Colombian Emerald", some prices of the emerald can be very expensive, as expensive as a brand new super cars. Other sources of emerald are India, Australia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, USA, etc.

Colombian Emerald

Crystal Structure

Beryllium aluminium silicate

Colombian Emerald / Zamrud
Good quality Emeralds are medium dark green and have clear body glass, but the newbie gems collectors must be aware to a good synthetic gemstone. Some fake gems are very similar to the real one. The most reliable identification is by testing the gemstone to a professional Gems Laboratory such as GIA, BIG Singapure, IGL, etc

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Opal 'the beauty of hardened silica gel'

 Opal is a special beautiful glittering precious gemstone. Opal gems is not like any other gemstone, its not hard enough so that it is easily dry out and break.
 Australia is the main producer of Opal since the 19th century. Other places which also produce opal are Mexico, Brazil, USA, South Africa. Indonesia, west java region, also produces very beautiful and unique opal. The special Indonesian opal called "Banten Opal". All the pictures in this article are the Unique Banten Opal.